We are hosting this weekend with Mocha Queens. The perfect night for the ladies who enjoy gents of colour.
We are packed out for the next 10 weekend.
SpicyMatch Takeover Weekends
Mocha Queens nights
50% off entry nights
Greedy Girls Nights
Jubilee Weekend

Which one you attending? All details are on our website.

Big weekend - SpicyMatch Takeover.
Prizes to give away.
Who's coming?
Friday tickets - https://heathrowabfab.co.uk/eventsevening-parties/sm-fri-may
Saturday tickets - https://heathrowabfab.co.uk/eventsevening-parties/sm-sat-may
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Had a lovely time at Abfab last night.
Met and joined a lovely couple in a private room. Will be back for more and to visit on other days.
Big Easter weekend fun planned. Who's planning to party with us?

I hope to be there Sunday as usual 🙂


we are there Friday night

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I'm planning to attend the couples/single ladies party with my girlfriend for the first time on the 16th. We're both keen to get to know new people. We're also excited by the idea of having fun in close proximity to others as well 😈.
Dark Desires again tonight. Looking busy again. Who hasn't booked a place? Best get booking incase we reach capacity. We would hate to turn you away because you've not booked a place. Gents remember we do not allow walk ins. Dress code is being enforced, ladies enjoy a well turned out gent.
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